44 Medieval Beasts That Cannot Even Handle It Right Now

They just can’t. They simply cannot.

1. This griffin cannot handle it right now.

ID: 3688960

2. This basilisk just CAN’T with these snakes.

ID: 3688998

3. This ass cannot even.

ID: 3688983

4. This crocodile just wants it all to STOP.

ID: 3689339

5. This cat just…just CANNOT cope with this mouse.

ID: 3690251

6. This wingèd asp cannot cope with this man’s book, not even a little bit.

ID: 3688991

7. This boar thought he had it under control but he did not.

ID: 3689093

8. This dragon has LITERALLY NOT ONE CLUE why everybody has frogs coming out of their mouths.

ID: 3689586

9. This basilisk is totally losing its shit with the ferret questioning its decision to murder that guy.

ID: 3689024

10. These cats have LITERALLY NO IDEA what they’re doing any more.

ID: 3689232

11. This whale just realised it left the gas on and OH GOD.

ID: 3690719

12. This panther COMPLETELY FORGOT it had invited friends round for lunch.

ID: 3689533

13. This wolf has just had ENOUGH of today and wants it to be over.

ID: 3690732

14. This bear is just like “what now?” with this guy.

ID: 3689071

15. This bear is FREAKING OUT over these bagpipes.

ID: 3689044

16. This cat has had it RIGHT UP TO HERE with this stringed instrument.

ID: 3689196

17. This cat should NEVER have asked that donkey to join the band.

ID: 3689218

18. This centaur KNOWS what the mermaid is like when she’s had a few drinks and doesn’t know why he ever invited her to meet his friends.

ID: 3689258

19. This yale has completely run out of fucks to give.

ID: 3690744

20. This dragon is all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

ID: 3689400

21. This lion has totally lost it because of that tree.

ID: 3689299

22. This crocodile thinks it should have stayed in bed today.

ID: 3689337

23. This crocodile agrees.

ID: 3689324

24. This dragon-human hybrid is just “I am SO DONE with all this crap.”

ID: 3689437

25. This dragon has NO GODDAMN IDEA why it has a king’s head all of a sudden.

ID: 3689450

26. YEP, SAME.

ID: 3689486

27. “Ugh, knights.” – this dragon

ID: 3689501

28. “Ugh, dragons.” – this elephant

ID: 3694223

29. “Ugh, elephants.” – this dragon

ID: 3689552

30. “No, but seriously, fuck dragons.” – this elephant

ID: 3689577

31. Are you OK, griffin?

ID: 3689956

32. Horse, are you alright?

ID: 3689995

33. What’s wrong, manticore?

ID: 3690232


ID: 3689525

35. Why are you using a pizza oven, rabbit?

ID: 3690553

36. Rabbit, are you pole-dancing?

ID: 3690562

37. This pard cannot handle ANY of this. It JUST…CAN…NOT.

ID: 3690588

38. NONE of this dragon’s heads can cope with this.

ID: 3689600

39. This hedgehog SIMPLY CAN’T with the mole flying above it.

ID: 3689977

40. This owl has HAD IT with all these fucking tiny birds pecking its man-face.

ID: 3690475

41. “Nope.” – this giraffe

ID: 3689784

42. This dog cannot even remember why it started chasing a goat across a page of heraldic symbols. WHY? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?

ID: 3689794

43. These elephants just CANNOT with their big trumpet faces.

ID: 3689689

44. And this dragon is beginning to realise just how badly he’s fucked all this up.

ID: 3689617

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