41 Problems Everybody In Cornwall Can Understand

SPOILER: mostly cow-related.

1. The fact that phones basically don’t work.

2. And even if they work for a bit, this ends up happening.

3. Same thing happens to radios.

4. And broadband is basically a myth.

5. But when things don’t work properly, people learn to make do.

6. There are very strict rules about what you can and can’t do.

7. Trying to find things in shops can be tricky.

8. There might not even be any shops near you in the first place.

massively jealous of anyone close to a record store today. my nearest is at least an hour #cornwallproblems #recordstoreday

— Jennie (@jenniemasters)

9. Unless it’s a pasty shop. There are loads of those.

Pasty wars #cornwallproblems

— Bagel Queen (@pheebsfaz)

10. Your work experience might be a bit limited as a result.

How do I write a CV for doing genetics research when all I've done is work in an ice cream shop #medicine #CornwallProblems #FHSProblems

— Freya Glover (@Freglo94)

11. And when you do find a shop, there might be sheep in it.

Trying to Christmas shop when 2 sheep got in my way. In the shop. #cornwallproblems

— jena goldsack (@JenaGoldsack)

12. But at least there’s a friendly service culture.

13. There’s crime to be worried about.

14. Danger lurks around every corner.

15. You can’t always get a good night’s sleep.

This light house is so annoying when you're trying to sleep! #CornwallProblems #CanSomeonePleaseTurnItOf

— Ben Critchley (@11Critchley)

16. And your leisure time is filled with anxiety.

I just want to go and dick about in the sea but im scared of annoying the people who can actually surf well. #cornwallproblems

— Zoe Alker (@ZoeAlker)

17. There’s the extreme pain when you spot someone doing pasties wrong.

Greggs... THIS... Is NOT a Pasty! #CornishProblems

— Christopher Cock (@CockBoy123)

18. The difficulty of trying not to laugh at some of the place names.

19. Honestly, it can be really hard.

20. But at least everyone has a sense of humour.


— Peter (@garp92)

21. And there’s the fact that romance isn’t dead.

How romantic... #onlyincornwall

— Poppy Delbridge (@PoppyDelbridge)

22. Tractors are also a major issue.

I keep thinking I can hear thunder but its just a tractor #cornwallproblems

— eff u (@QuitaLyne)

23. This always happens.

why is it whenever you are in a rush to get somewhere you get stuck behind some fuck off tractor #onlyincornwall

— paige (@paigeturnerx)


25. Seriously, tractors get everywhere.

26. Also sometimes people park their… whatever this is in the middle of the road.

27. You know this feeling.

As is the unwritten law. I am Cornwall, alone. Therefore it must rain. A lot.

— Natalie Cooper (@voiceovergirl)

28. And this feeling.

Is it ever gunna stop raining?! #CornwallProblems

— (@AllWeKnowIsTom_)

29. This has happened to you so many times.

We were on the beach and it started raining so we went to a restaurant and now it's sunny. #CornwallProblems

— Polly (@pollyvdsz)

30. Basically this sums it up.

Cornwall's weather summed up pretty accurately.

— Chegnuts. (@LaLaurafication)

31. Sometimes pigs block the road.

32. Swans can be a problem.

33. Especially swans vandalising cars in the middle of the road.

34. But the swans are nothing compared to the problem of… cows.

There is a cow in Asha's garden #cornwallproblems

— Sadie Kleo (@ShadyKleo)

35. Really, cows are the main problem in Cornwall.

36. Cows get everywhere.

Hellish traffic this morning #cornishproblems

— Jess Symons (@_MissJRabbit)

37. So many cows.

Thought I was going to be back in time for football... cows. #CornwallProblems

— James Ferrie (@JamesPFerrie)



FAO: Team Copy cc. @matthewgardner. 'We are not a-moo-sed.' #cornwallproblems

— Amy Cate (@_catflap)

40. …but at least everyone understands your cow problems. You don’t need to explain. They know.

#cornishproblems @olivia_maskell

— michaela (@micklaaar)

41. Never change, Cornwall.

" Cows crossing the road , when the lights show in 250 yards " Cows only cross the road in cornwall :P

— Chloe Sampson (@LittleBabyBear1)

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Tom Phillips is the UK editorial director for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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