"Gossip Girl" Mexico Is Happening

Don’t be sad that Gossip Girl is over — now you can watch it in Mexico.

1. The cast of “Gossip Girl: Acapulco”

ID: 815766

2. The original cast

Warner Bros.
ID: 815944

3. Look at the new cast, they’re dead ringers for the originals:

ID: 816027

4. Serena Van Der Woodsen

Warner Bros.
ID: 815784

5. Blair Waldorf

Warner Bros.
ID: 815783

6. Chuck Bass

Warner Bros.
ID: 815781

7. Jenny Humphrey

Warner Bros.
ID: 815780

8. Vanessa Abrams

Warner Bros.
ID: 815779

9. Nate Archibald

Warner Bros.
ID: 815932

10. Dan Humphrey

Warner Bros.
ID: 815829

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