23 Things John Bonham Did During The Quiet Part Of "Stairway To Heaven"

The greatest rock drummer ever was also very good at multi-tasking.

1. Sit Quietly And Wait His Turn

ID: 579110

2. Prank Call Keith Moon

ID: 579134

3. Hop In The Old T-Bucket And Do Some Donuts In The Parking Lot

ID: 579459

4. Consume The Biosphere Of A Small Planet To Recharge His Cosmic Energy

ID: 580611

5. Grow And Shave Off One Full Cycle Of His Mighty Beard

ID: 579176

6. Sit In On Drums For Another Band At A Nearby Venue After Knocking Their Drummer Out With A Single Punch

ID: 579405

7. Listen Intently And Imagine Where The Drum Parts WOULD Go

ID: 579557

8. Cosplay As Alex From “A Clockwork Orange”

ID: 579413

9. Play The Drums In A Soundproof Room Elsewhere In The Arena

ID: 579369

10. Shift His Molecular Vibration Over To An Alternate Universe Where The Band’s Already Up To The Drum Part Of “Stairway,” Perform It There, And Then Come Back Just In Time

ID: 580727

11. Concoct And Spread The “Mudshark Incident” Rumor As An Experiment In Memetic Engineering

ID: 579505

12. Chip In A Few Chanted Verses From Aleister Crowley’s “Liber AL vel Legis” To Keep Jimmy Page’s Black Magick Curse Against David Bowie Going

No, really.

ID: 579599

14. Bed Down The Significant Others Of Each And Every Member Of Vanilla Fudge

ID: 580696

15. Translate The Song’s Lyrics Into Quenya

ID: 579580

16. Lengthy Bathroom Break

ID: 579122

17. Gather A Party Of Stout Bossonian Bowmen And Raid The Pictish Wilderness Ruled By Zogar Sag Beyond The Black River

ID: 579496

18. Roll That Shit, Light That Shit, Smoke It

ID: 580644

19. Continue His Years-Long Investigation Into The “Paul Is Dead” Rumor – The Very Thing That Would End Up Getting Him Killed When He Got Too Close To The Truth

ID: 580637

20. Unleash His Berserker Rage

ID: 579550

21. Entertain The Roadies With A Few Monty Python Bits

ID: 580679

22. Use His Four Sticks To Sit In For Clyde Stubblefield AND Jabo Starks Over The Phone During A JBs Recording Session

ID: 580879

23. Dream Of The Day He Will Catch The Man Who Slew His Father And Justice Will Be Done At Last

ID: 580709

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