The Life and Times of an Intern

Experience > Pay.

26. From here on out you will be solely referred to as the Intern.

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25. Which you likely have mixed feelings about…

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24. As soon as you start working your Facebook looks like this…

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23. They also might treat you as younger than you actually are…

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22. You will likely have to answer phones at one time or another…

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21. And do other busy work…

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20. Like working the overly complicated coffee machine…

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19. Most errands start like this…

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18. Your loyalties are easily bought…

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17. In fact, food of any kind is the highlight of your day.

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16. Meanwhile, your friend keeps reminding you that her internship is paid.

Or worse…that she has a real job. *Gasp*

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15. No matter how broke you are, you’re expected to be enthusiastic all the time.

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14. There’s always that one pervy coworker…

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12. And the other interns…

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11. And you love hearing about them in the office gossip.

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10. Every once in a while someone will ask you a question…

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9. And you’ll have no idea what they’re talking about…

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8. But eventually they’ll give you something important to do…

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6. And when you get the job done…

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5. Who knows…you might even get a compliment.

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4. Sure…you might not get that much respect.

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3. But you may be actually learning something..,

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2. And gaining experience that can help you get a real job someday…

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1. Who knows, at the end of it all, your supervisor may even say…

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