The Life and Times of a SoCal College Student

It’s not all bleached blondes and skateboarders. Wait a second…

20. The Best Hang Out Spot: Disneyland

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Problem with that?

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19. Skateboarders: Basically Everywhere

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18. Typical Day

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It’s so beautiful.

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17. Everyone on the Roads

Except you…you understand left turns.

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16. How People Routinely Communicate

With their phones and those unlucky people surrounding them.

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15. College Sports

ID: 1134162

No one cares.

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14. When someone says they’re an Actor

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13. You know the answer to this question:

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ID: 1134197

11. The only parking is Street Parking

Seriously. The ONLY PARKING.

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10. What you have to do to get attention at a party

Why does everyone look like a model? How is that even genetically possible?

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9. When someone gets tickets to a talk show

Especially if it’s Ellen. It’s almost always Ellen.

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8. Starbucks Run

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7. When you find out someone in your class is related to a Celebrity

Keep it cool. Keep it cool. KEEP IT COOL.

ID: 1134204

But the next time you see them…

ID: 1134222

6. What the Campus Career Center has to deal with on a daily basis

ID: 1134207

5. Trying to decide what to wear to class


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4. When someone asks if you want to go to the beach


ID: 1134240

3. When they ask if we’re voting Republican

ID: 1134244

2. Saturday Night

ID: 1134246

1. When In-N-Out is closed at 2am

Why are these not open 24 hours?

ID: 1134247

Not what you’d expect?

ID: 1134255

Sure going to college in SoCal can have it’s perks…

ID: 1134259

But sometimes everyone seems to be thinking this

ID: 1134276

But you still live in one of the greatest places in the world


ID: 1134285

That’s more like it.

ID: 1134286

Southern California is Awesome!

ID: 1134289

If you’re not in SoCal…

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