20 Reasons Driving On The Highway Is The Worst

When side streets won’t get you there, the highway will. There’s only a 100% greater chance of dying!

20. The guy in a rush

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He will go in front of every car on the highway if it will get him there just three minutes faster than everyone else.
You hate this guy. Everyone hates this guy.

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19. The highway virgins

This is their first hurrah. They’ve just gotten their license. They’re scared shitless. NOTE: Avoid them. They will be going 30 and constantly on their brakes.

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18. The lines are “just guidelines” guy

They aren’t. We’ve learned to stay inside the lines since Kindergarden.

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17. The drunks

A Highway staple after 1 am.

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I regret having to share the road with you.

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16. The lights from the other side that temporarily blind you

Why are you using your brights on the highway? Why isn’t that illegal?

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15. The random person who is stopped in the middle.

I can never figure out why people do this.

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14. The asshole that tries to get your attention when there’s a gridlock

You aren’t interested and you are already pissed off.

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13. The slow driver

I’m not sure why these people are going under the speed limit. Maybe they’re enjoying the view?

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12. The car you’re sure is going to fall apart in front of you

How is it still running?

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11. The guy riding your ass

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10. The person who thinks it’s okay to use electronic devices while they’re driving at 80 miles per hour

I mean seriously, come on!

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9. The guy who cuts you off

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8. The speedster

I’m sorry the speed limit says 75. You, dear sir, are driving 100mph.
You must have failed math.

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7. The people that won’t get out of the merging lane

This lane needs to be filled with people exiting and merging in. Please transfer to another lane and stop being an asshole.

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6. The car in front of you that you don’t want to wreck.

That car costs more than your entire life savings.

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5. The person who realizes they shouldn’t be in the “Exit Only” lane

There were signs. Plenty of signs.

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4. What you have to do when someone won’t let you merge

You need to merge. It’s not really an option.

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Sure…highways can be a great way to get somewhere faster.

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3. Though, thats often not the case…

Traffic jams are the worst.

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2. Especially during Rush Hour…

Between 7-10 am and 5-7 pm, the highways of America are turned into a special kind of hell.

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Sure you often exit the Highway thinking…

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Look at the bright side, you did get there in one piece!


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1. But now you have to use it to get home…


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Have a nice drive!

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