The 19 Unspoken Rules For Smoking Weed

“Take a hit, share that shit.”

1. Whoever rolls it, sparks it.

2. Avoid any discrepancies: pass it clockwise every time.

3. If needed, please ash before you pass.

4. Abide by standard “puff, puff, pass” rule. There’s a reason it’s not the “puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, pass—wait lemme get one more in” rule.

A third or fourth hit is not a huge deal. Just don’t hog that shit.

5. Basically, in company, please share.

6. Don’t hold up the rotation for a boring ass story.

Do, if it’s worth everyone’s time. Otherwise, keep it moving.

7. If it’s cashed on your turn, be a doll and clear it out.

9. If you’re sharing, don’t slobber all over the mouthpiece.

10. You were a newbie once too. Help others.

Whether breaking, packing, lighting, or instructing, empathize and reach out—literally!

12. Don’t steal lighters.

15. Don’t always rely on someone else to roll.

16. Keep the weed products away from the animals*

*Or, y’know, don’t

17. Finally, chill out! Everything will be okay.

18. But most importantly: Enjoy thyself!

19. Because it’s the quickest way to happiness.

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