19 Unique Struggles Of Always Being The New Kid In School

Kids are dumb.

1. The “first day of school” was never exciting for you. It just drudged up those familiar and inescapable feelings of fear and anxiety.

2. Because you are the new kid. You are ALWAYS the new kid.

3. And you already knew you’d be walking into a room of snotty school children with their beady judgmental eyes.


4. When the teacher introduced you, you felt all of them giving you the up-down and thought “WHY DIDN’T I PICK A DIFFERENT OUTFIT.”


5. You resented your parents so much for making you move, so much.

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6. Just ‘cause you were from a different place, you were “different” by default.


7. You had to deal with the dumbest inquisitive questions about it.

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8. So you learned very early on that kids were dumb. And mean.

But hey, it’s not their fault. All kids are dumb. You were kinda dumb too. You were just lucky to have a larger scope on geography.

9. But there was always that one kid that warmed up to you faster than everyone else.

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10. And you clung to him/her like home base, like a guardian angel… like a portal into normal school life.


11. Lunch time was the worst. Every day posed a different struggle.


The first day was the most painstaking but every day after you had to find your place within carefully formed tables of friendships.

12. Sometimes you’d resort to eating alone :(


13. You’d envy the other kids and fantasize about growing up in one town and having the same lifelong childhood friends.

14. You took serious mental notes on what everyone wore, said, and did in the hallways.

Paying close attention to the most popular bunch.

15. And made sure you imitated perfectly.


16. (Which meant begging your parents to take you to the mall. Immediately after the first day.)

It was crucial. They just didn’t understand.

17. Even though it’s never easy, and takes a lot of time, you eventually learn to navigate your way through school.

Well, maybe not werkin’ it like Britney, but you at least began to feel at ease and maybe even eased your way into the peripherally of a friend group.

18. ‘Cause soon enough, there will be another transfer student…


And pass it on to the next one! Sucka!

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