21 Things People Would Genuinely Turn Down For

The turn down is also real.

Lil Jon has challenged and inspired a true existential query: In a world of turn up, WHAT, OR FOR WHOM, WOULD YOU SENSIBLY TURN DOWN FOR?

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Here are some thoughtful responses:

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1. Naps

ID: 3014173

2. Chocolate milk

ID: 3014390

3. To lower the price of unnecessarily expensive necessary toiletries

ID: 3014174

4. Love

ID: 3014193

5. A good read

To answer your question, Lil Jon, I'd probably turn down for a good book.

— Harper Perennial (@HarperPerennial)
ID: 3014181

6. High thread count sheets

Turn down for bedsheets

— Knife Party (@knifepartyinc)
ID: 3014217

7. Bacon, egg, and cheeses

Turn down for bacon egg and cheese croissant

— Max (@maxdkaplan)
ID: 3014206

8. Puft Marshmallow Man


— Stay Puft (@staypuft)
ID: 3014212

9. More naps <3

Turn down for a nap.

— Hitmonjake (@jake_likes_naps)
ID: 3014227

10. Death

*stands up for lil jon's eulogy* turn down, for death *several people start crying*

— sadvil (@crylenol)
ID: 3014199

11. Heartfelt human interaction

Turn down for maybe some conversation.

— Rene Gube (@renegube)
ID: 3014216

12. Eggs over easy


— Glockness Monster (@mglock28)
ID: 3014231

13. Netflix

Turn down for netflix

— WhiskeyReBelle (@PearlsForDogTag)
ID: 3014247

14. Sushi

I'd turn down for some sushi.

— Brice (@GoldSolace)
ID: 3014327

15. Butts

Turn down for butt

— DeAndre 19k (@DeandreCooper_)
ID: 3014361

16. Some much needed rest

- Turn down for what? ...Sleep

— Keaton Stromberg (@KeatonStromberg)
ID: 3014203

17. Ice cream

I would turn down for a bowl of ice cream right now

— FLOWBi WAN KENOBi (@captaincowles)
ID: 3014243

18. Your mom because she’s lovely and works hard and sacrifices a lot for you and the family and never puts herself first

Turn down for your mother. She's the best.

— Thomas Bainter (@tbaint)
ID: 3014336

19. Obligations to higher education

Turn down for scholastic responsibilities.

— jonnifer lopez (@senderblock23)
ID: 3014338

20. And hot air balloon rides and pizza and dogs

Turn down for what?? Turn down for moms. Turn down for dogs. Turn down for unlimited pizza toppings. Turn down for hot air balloon rides. Tu

— nick pants (@SocialExtortion)
ID: 3014451

21. And the boi, Jesus Christ

turn down for your lord and savior jesus christ

— Ya Boy Sal (@SalamanCode)
ID: 3014356

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