17 Rappers Who Had Surprising Past Lives

From Tin Man to turnt up.

1. Tupac was a ballet dancer.

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‘Pac attended Baltimore School for the Arts, where he concentrated on dance and acting. His crowning achievement was his role as Mouse King in “The Nutcracker.”

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2. Prodigy was also an itty bitty ballerina.

Proof: A young Prodigy in his adorable leotard.

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3. Plies was a nurse.

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The “Please Excuse My Hands” star got his bachelors in nursing and worked as registered nurse. Apparently he made his patients uncomfortable when he donned heavy expensive jewelry.

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4. Mike Jones was a phone assembly line operator.

Which explains a lot.

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5. Lil Wayne played Tin Man in a middle school production of The Wiz.

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6. Rick Ross was a correctional officer.

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Kinda old news by now, but we can never really forget.

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7. Kanye West sold clothing at The Gap.

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8. J.Cole was a bill collector.

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9. 50 Cent competed as a Junior Olympian.

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His sport? Boxing.

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10. KRS-One was a Hare Krishna.

His influence, “Krishna” was shortened to “Kris,” which eventually transformed into his rap moniker “KRS-One.”

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11. Nicki Minaj served at Red Lobster.

Jonathan Alcorn / Reuters

Now close your eyes and imagine ordering unlimited shrimp from Nicki.

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12. Ice-T was getting yelled at as an army ranger.

Gary Gershoff / Getty Images

He spent four years in the Armed Forces.

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13. Ice Cube was an architect-in-training.

Columbia Pictures / Via

Before all that N.W.A stuff, he attended the Phoenix Institute of Technology and studied architectural drafting

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14. Big Sean was a Christian rapper.

John Ricard / Getty Images

“Oh God!”

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15. Jadakiss delivered you newspapers.

As a paperboy. Ahaaa!

ID: 1811103

16. B.o.B was a certified sandwich artist.

Chris Pizzello / AP

AKA a Subway employee.

ID: 1811291

17. And Cappadonna was a taxi driver. Cabs rule everything around me.

ID: 1811162

Major props to Hot Hip Hop Detroit for some of these tidbits.

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