21 Problems Only People With Baby Faces Will Understand

I’m grown, dammit.

1. Having to convince a bouncer or bartender that your ID is legit. Every time.

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2. And the overwhelming anxiety after handing your ID over even though you know your ID is legit.

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3. Because being turned away is something that still actually happens after you turn 21.


Or, at least, you’ve heard it happen to someone else.

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4. Looking like a youth makes you insecure about working in a professional or corporate environment…

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5. …and a fear of not being taken seriously (even though it’s probably all in your head).

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6. So you overcompensate or try extra hard to act GROWN.

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7. Whenever you tell someone your age for the first time, you have to deal with their shocked reactions.

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8. Like, “Wow! You look like you just graduated high school!”

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9. For guys, there’s the added pressure of growing facial hair, or you’ll feel like you look prepubescent.

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10. For gals, not wearing makeup will only make you look even younger.

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11. Dating. And the constant and awkward paranoia that you’ll look like a CHILD next to your partner.

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12. Even if you’re the older sibling, you’re always mistaken for the younger one.

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13. You will be singled out among your friends and carded at a liquor store…

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14. …in a casino…

Walt Disney
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15. …at an R-rated movie.

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16. Being booped, or described as “cute” and/or other babying things.

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As opposed to “handsome” or “hot.”

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17. The struggle of wanting to dress your age, but looking like a child playing dress-up.

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18. Having people try to console you by saying things like, “Well, at least you’ll look good when you’re 40.”

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19. Except you just really wish your face would catch up to your age RIGHT NOW.

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20. But hey, until then, take advantage of your hot, handsome young looks…

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21. …and con the system for those student discounts! F*ck yeah!

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