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  • Naked Pregnant Anna Nicole Smith Painted In Gold

    In 2006, Anna Nicole Smith agreed to be the spokesperson for She also agreed to pose carrying her now five-year-old daughter Danielynn for the online casino in these never-before-seen pics. Smith died one year later, and, out of respect for her family, Golden Palace held onto the photos. Until now.

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  • Anna Nicole Smith’s Memorial

    What’s more class-less: reporting about Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel’s gravestone or the gravestone itself? Either way, the whole thing is disturbing — including the quotations used on the stone, which Jezebel notices were taken from an particular episode of E!’s Anna Nicole Smith Show where Anna was especially loopy. View Image ›

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  • Anna Nicole Smith’s Ghost Sex

    Equally eerie as it is hilarious (ok, it’s not that eerie), an old story details Anna Nicole Smith’s claim that a ghost would repeatedly “climb up [her] leg,” and they’d have “amazing” sex. Initially, she thought she was having sex with her boyfriend until she realized it was a ghost. Unless her boyfriend had a thing for white burkas. (Eternal thanks to Gabe!)

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