11 Times Celebs Body-Shamed Other Celebs To Their Faces

    These make me cringe.

    This post contains discussions of body image issues.

    A lot of times, people on TikTok highlight how inappropriate some journalists and reporters are with celebs. But it got me thinking about how many times celebrities themselves have been guilty of body-shaming other celebs — to their face!

    closeup of whoopi on the view

    Here are 11 times that happened:

    1. When Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran said this to Whoopi Goldberg:

    "When you get finished with those jeans and decide you don't like them, give them to me — and I'm gonna make two pairs," Barbara said. Whoopi looked visibly upset.

    Barbara soon after apologized:

    @BarbaraCorcoran / Via Twitter: @BarbaraCorcoran

    2. When Joan Rivers said this to Mariah Carey at the 1999 Oscars red carpet.

    closeup of mariah

    Mariah opened up about this moment years later in 2018 and revealed that Joan made her feel "horrible":

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    3. When Joan Rivers said this to Oprah:

    joan and oprah sitting for an interview, joan says, you're a pretty girl and you're single you must lose the weight

    4. When Diane Sawyer said Whitney Houston was "scary thin" and brought up her "bones" showing:

    closeup of diane

    5. When Howard Stern said this to Anna Nicole Smith:

    howard saying anna nicole dresses like she's not aware of how much she weighs and asks her to get on the scale

    6. When Sir Patrick Stewart told James Corden he could see his belly from afar:


    7. When Joy Behar suggested that Khloé Kardashian did not look like her other sisters, who she called "cute." Joy said, "You don't look like the sisters. They look alike. Are you sure you have the same parents?"

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     “What does that mean for me? I look like a dog?” Khloe said. Joy responded: No, you’re pretty, but you look different pretty."

    8. When D*nielle Staub shamed Margaret Joseph's facial appearance, calling her "trout mouth":

    9. And then told her to get her breasts done:

    at a store she says her tits have been dragged through the mud so she should get them done

    10. When Nene Leakes and Shereé Whitfield body-shamed each other during the Season 4 reunion:

    11. And lastly, when Jonah Hill was demeaned and shamed constantly by costars, hosts, and interviewers:

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    What do y'all make of these moments? Let me know in the comments below!

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