19 Things That Happen When You Date A Scientist


1. You never understand what they do all day at work.

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2. But you strongly suspect it’s just playing with this stuff.

That’s liquid nitrogen, BTW.

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3. Which blows your mind every time you visit their lab.

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4. They’ve got some pretty cool chat-up lines.

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5. And lot of ~opinions~ about this show.

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6. They teach you something new practically every day.

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7. Even though it’s difficult to teach them stuff back.

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8. Because they already know everything.

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9. Which means they’re good at pub quizzes.

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10. And very good at double-checking.

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11. But bad at watching factually inaccurate films.

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12. And very bad at concealing their disappointment when you say something superstitious.

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13. Because they spend all day mixing chemicals, they’re really good cooks.

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14. And because some of those chemicals smell, they don’t get grossed out easily.

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Which comes in very handy when, say, you need your shower drain unblocking.

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15. Dating a scientist means being with someone who is endlessly interesting and endlessly interested.

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16. It means being with someone who literally never forgets.

Yep. Because they’re so used to memorising things, they’ll even remember the really dumb stuff you say.

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17. But it also means being with someone who will embrace your inner nerd.

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18. So even when their experiments overrun and they’re late for dinner…

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19. … it’s worth it. Because you love them.

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Tabatha Leggett is commissioning editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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