The 17 Most Glorious Things That Ever Happened In An Airport

Let’s fly away.

1. This man snacking on a pack of frozen McCain vegetables.

ID: 2962068

2. This sign.!

ID: 2962072

3. This bathroom for dogs.

ID: 2962074

4. This Beastie Boys tribute.

ID: 2962077

5. This area for the discombobulated.

ID: 2962080

6. This money maker.

ID: 2962082

7. This pre emptive warning.

ID: 2962094

8. These new best friends.

ID: 2962099

9. This airport lounge live music.

ID: 2962109

10. This cheeky sculpture.

ID: 2962110

11. This motivational message on the car parking metre.

ID: 2962114

12. This man going through security in a cat onesie.

ID: 2962119

13. This festive arrivals board.

ID: 2962121

14. This gift wrapping station in the arrivals lounge.

ID: 2962198

15. This bathroom, which doesn’t discriminate.

ID: 2962212

16. This military dog looking after its owner.

ID: 2962242

17. But mostly, the cutest man in the whole world.

ID: 2962107

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Tabatha Leggett is commissioning editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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