18 Signs You Actually Might Be Miranda Hobbes

Obviously Sex And The City’s best character.

1. When it comes to romance, you tend to be realistic.

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2. In fact, you can be a little too realistic.

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3. You’re painfully self-aware.

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4. Although it sometimes takes you a while to realise your true feelings.

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5. You know how to prioritise.

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6. You’re never afraid to speak your mind.

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7. And even though you may seem like you’ve got everything sorted, you sometimes mess up.

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8. You tell your friends how you feel about them.

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9. But you’re always there when they need you.

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10. Especially on Valentine’s Day.

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11. You realise you’re not perfect.

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12. At times, you can be cripplingly insecure.

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13. And pretty pessimistic.

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14. But you know you’ve got a good personality.

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15. Even if you’re not a supermodel.

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16. You don’t let anyone judge you.

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17. And you never stay friends with your exes.

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18. But most importantly, you’re very efficient with your time.

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Tabatha Leggett is commissioning editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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