21 Signs You Actually Are Bridget From “8 Simple Rules”

It’s not your fault you’re pretty.

1. First things first: You’re pretty.


2. Really pretty.


3. You often come across as shallow.

4. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.


5. You know exactly what you want.

6. And exactly how to get it.

7. Your sister often makes fun of you.

8. But she’s undoubtedly your closest friend.

9. You have a deep understanding of ~science~.

10. And despite fleeting moments of self-doubt…

11. …you know you’re awesome.

12. You know how to get what you want.

13. And although your family sometimes embarrasses you…

14. They’re always there when you need them.


15. You sometimes take things too literally.

16. You’re never afraid to prove others wrong.

17. Especially if your dad’s involved.


18. You know what makes you look good.

19. You rely on your mum when times get tough.

20. And she’s always there for you.

21. But most importantly, others look up to you.


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Tabatha Leggett is a senior writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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