21 Reasons The Airport Is The Best Bit Of A Holiday

Unless you’re going somewhere really good.

1. They may look heinously grey.

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2. But once you’ve said your good-byes, turned off your email alerts, and triple checked for your passport, it’s holiday time.

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3. It’s time to forget about work.

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4. And enter a land of dreams.

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5. A land where shopping is tax-free.

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6. Perfume samples are unlimited.

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7. Toblerones are unreasonably large.

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8. And it’s acceptable to drink at any time of the day.

It’s always 5 p.m. somewhere in the world.

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9. Some airports have yoga rooms.

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10. Some have excellent bathrooms.

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11. And some have really great chairs.

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12. But all airports are magical early in the morning.

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13. And late at night.

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14. And they’re unquestionably the greatest places for people watching.

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15. Especially if the people you’re watching are asleep.

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16. Although witnessing the reunions of strangers is obviously the best.

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17. Actually, these massage chairs are the best.

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18. No, wait. These long treadmill things are the best.

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19. And there’s something really cool about the whole world being presented to you on a board.

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20. By the time you start to get tired of the airport, it’s time to board your flight.

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21. And fly away.

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Tabatha Leggett is commissioning editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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