22 Photos Of The Best Moments Of People’s Lives

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This is what happened when Sports Illustrated reporter Richard Deitsch asked his followers to tweet him the best moments of their lives.

How many of you have a photograph of the single best moment of your life? If so, what a gift. (HT: @sports_casters for thought).


.@richarddeitsch Introducing my two sons to their little brother. This is the first-ever picture of them all together


@richarddeitsch The moment she added me to Facebook (having never met her before). We got engaged last month.


@richarddeitsch Mum at graduation after 6months of chemo. Lost her a year later. Don't know who is more proud...


@richarddeitsch Last good nap I took with my best friend Harley, about 1 month before losing him to cancer.


@richarddeitsch Day we found out my mom/center of my world had beaten stage 4 cancer (seen here sharing good news)


@richarddeitsch Hard to pick 1 greatest moment, but in terms of a pic, this is right when they put her in my arms.


@richarddeitsch And then this is the other best moment. Bringing our new adoptive son home to meet our 1st born.

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