19 People Whose Obsession With Ketchup Has Gone Too Far

Put down the red sauce.

1. This guy who ordered fries with his ketchup.

ID: 2900477

2. Whoever thought this was an appropriate amount of ketchup to cover his eggs in.

ID: 2900577

3. Melissa Ibbitson.

Caters News Agency
ID: 2900464

4. Anyone who thought this was a good gift idea.

ID: 2900510

5. This Cosmo sexpert.

ID: 2900799

6. This dad.

ID: 2900565

7. Whoever ate this hot dog.

ID: 2900591

8. This ketchup fountain’s creator.

ID: 2900604

9. Whoever put this ketchup on their cottage cheese.

ID: 2900610

11. Whoever got this take away.

ID: 2900740

12. The 126 people who liked this Facebook page.

ID: 2900833

13. Whoever melted butter with ketchup and created hell.

ID: 2900625

14. The guy who said it on a cake instead of in a card.

ID: 2900814

15. This guy.

ID: 2900698

16. Whoever thought it was important to cover their baked beans in more tomato sauce.

ID: 2900634

17. This birthday girl.

ID: 2900819

18. This tattoo enthusiast.

ID: 2900780

19. But mostly, this lady.

ID: 2900691

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Tabatha Leggett is commissioning editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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