24 Endlessly Frustrating Vegetarian Problems

But you eat fish, right? OMGGGGGGGGGGG.

1. When you run out of iron tablets.

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2. When no one wants to have you over for dinner.

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3. When you order tapas and the meat eaters eat all of the vegetables so you’re left hungry…

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…but they still insist on splitting the bill evenly.

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4. When people are like, “What about leather?” and you’re like, “I TRY MY BEST, WHAT DO YOU DO?”

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5. Travelling.

in a german household, you eat the meat or you don't eat at all #vegetarianprobs #grandmashouse

— Unicorn Lauren (@LauGidz)
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6. Only ever being able to use half the recipes in a cookbook.

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7. When people invasively question you about your life decisions over dinner.

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8. “But what about bacon?”

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9. “You eat fish though, right?”

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10. “Can’t you just pick the meat out?”

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11. “I tried becoming vegetarian once. It lasted a week.”

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12. “But the animal’s already dead.”

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13. When stuffed peppers are the only vegetarian option on the menu.

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14. Unless you go to a veggie restaurant. In which case, you’re totally overwhelmed by how much choice there is.

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15. And don’t even get me started on health food shops.

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16. Not understanding how long you’re supposed to marinate tofu for.

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17. When your host forgets you’re vegetarian, so you have to awkwardly pick at the side salad all night.

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18. When the supermarket has plenty of this…

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… but none of this.

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19. When you cook Quorn for a meat eater and they’re like, “Oh, it kind of tastes like low-quality meat.”

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20. This.

guy at McDonald's said they had veggie burgers & he gives me this..a cheeseburger without the burger #vegetarianprobs

— Emily (@Freckell)
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21. When people ask if they can eat meat in front of you.

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22. Wanting to turn vegan, but eggs…

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… and cheese.

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23. Having to provide your own food even when you’re not the host.

Bringing veggie burgers to every BBQ you go @VegProbs #vegetarianprobs

— Becky (@BeckyTayloor)
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24. But worst of all, when everyone is suddenly a nutritional expert with a real concern for where you get your protein from.

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Tabatha Leggett is commissioning editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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