7 Brutal Ways To Get Fired

Text, Facebook, Post-it: It’s all been done.

When Florida’s Barducci’s was shut down yesterday, its owner let his employees know by text.

ID: 1372232

That must be the worst way to lose your job, right? Nope. Some people had it waaaay worse.

ID: 1372238

1. As a result of your boss’s auto correct.

ID: 1367708

2. Because you were Facebook stalked.

ID: 1372078

3. Over your company’s intranet.

ID: 1371981

4. Because you showcased a frankly admirable vocabulary.

ID: 1371982

5. As an afterthought. On a receipt.

ID: 1371983

6. Via Post-it note.

ID: 1372063

7. Because of your failure to refrigerate fizzy beverages.

ID: 1372067

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Tabatha Leggett is commissioning editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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