22 Wonderful Gifts That Lidl Has Given The World

An ode to the champions of cheap eating.

Lidl, you’re the best.

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1. Thank you for your wide shopping aisles.

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2. And your very cheap food.

Like those 72 Weetabix that only cost £4.18. That’s less than 6p per Weetabix.

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3. Thank you for dressing your staff so beautifully.

Coffee Lover / Via Flickr: lovecoffee
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4. For decorating this very small car so tastefully.

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5. And for making this very large bus so festive.

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6. You haven’t quite grasped the concept of a discount.

ID: 1646992

7. And sometimes you get it entirely wrong.

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8. But that’s OK. You’re forgiven because you sell “Angry Birds” Jenga.

ID: 1646482

9. And branded yellow ponchos.

ID: 1646523

10. And something called a “pipe installation kit”.

ID: 1646558

11. In fact, Lidl, you sell pretty much everything. We’d always come to you for fake birds.

ID: 1646553

12. And Men’s Business Shoes.

ID: 1646562

13. And scientific microscopes.

ID: 1646555

14. If we started a band, we’d buy our guitars from you.

ID: 1646557

15. And there’s nowhere else we’d go for our trumpets.

ID: 1646641

16. Jedward really like you.

ID: 1646728

17. And this woman likes you so much that she made a dress out of your carrier bags.

ID: 1646514

18. Maybe it’s because your recruitment posters centre around visual food-based puns.

ID: 1646510

19. Or because you held a cheeky Burns Night celebration in January.

ID: 1646563

20. Which involved selling kilt hose for £2.92.

ID: 1646568

21. You make it a quite difficult to get out of your stores.

But don’t worry, Lidl. We would never leave you.

ID: 1646632

22. Lidl, we’re on our way.

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Tabatha Leggett is commissioning editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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