20 Signs You Studied Philosophy In College

And now you have no prospects.

1. This is how you felt every time you wrote an essay.

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2. Logic trees make you want to cry.

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3. One too many debates about the meaning of life made you become best friends with your tutor.

ID: 1270109

4. But now you’re scared he’s got a new BFF.

ID: 1270110

5. You never want to see this duck rabbit again.

ID: 1270111

6. You felt like this every time an article nullified your argument.

ID: 1270112

7. You kinda find Wittgenstein a bit sexy.

ID: 1270169

8. This is what your tutors said to you every time you spoke.

ID: 1270113

9. You used to think…

ID: 1270115

10. But now you’ve realised…

ID: 1270116

11. You’d totally unplug yourself from JJ Thomson’s violinist.

ID: 1270145

12. Yep. Life’s probably a dream.

ID: 1270147

13. One big, unemployed dream.

ID: 1270148

14. If a tree fell and you didn’t hear it, YOU JUST WOULDN’T CARE.

ID: 1270146

15. It doesn’t matter that your degree counts for nothing, because nothing exists anyway.

ID: 1270149

16. You know all this information…

… because you’ve been on Wikipedia.

ID: 1270153

17. This website meant you never had to open a book.

ID: 1270158

18. You’ve had this conversation 500 times.

ID: 1270160

19. You might be poor, but at least you got to spend three years thinking about what that might be like.

ID: 1270166

20. Oh hai there, life.

ID: 1270168

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