15 Excellent Reasons To Break Up With Someone

If only all break ups made us laugh this much. Via The Why We Broke Up Project.

1. The misplaced affections breakup.

ID: 1421899

2. The sense of humor failure breakup.

ID: 1421923

3. The messy confectionery break up.

ID: 1421940

4. The muddled priorities breakup.

ID: 1421918

5. The missing IQ points break up.

ID: 1421921

6. The job snob breakup.

ID: 1421909

7. The poor camerawork breakup.

ID: 1421911

8. The musically untalented breakup.

ID: 1421938

9. The really creepy incest breakup.

ID: 1421913

10. The children’s games breakup.

ID: 1421915

11. The mismatched interests break up.

ID: 1421922

12. The poor hygiene breakup.

ID: 1421920

13. The condiment container breakup.

ID: 1421937

14. The sartorial breakup.

ID: 1421935

15. The best reason ever to breakup.

ID: 1421926

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Tabatha Leggett is commissioning editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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