What It’s Like To Be Boy Crazy

Falling in love every day is exhausting y’all!

1. You knew you were different when you were little and your friends were like…

2. But every time YOU see a boy you’re like…

3. This is your theme song.

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“Where The Boys Are,” Connie Francis

4. It all started with Disney princes.

6. Until you move onto your first real human crush: a completely non-threatening celebrity.

7. The less likely that they’ll ever be interested in you, the better.

8. And then you become unhealthily obsessed with him.

Summer Anne Burton

9. Like, REALLY obsessed.

10. But then after you finally met him, the magic was gone.

11. So you moved onto one of your brother’s friends.

12. Or, if you didn’t have a brother, any boy who was super mean to you.

13. Even when they’re jerks, boys make your knees go all wibbly-wobbly.

14. Whenever you have guy “friends” you end up developing feelings…

15. Which is what led you to realize…

16. So you tell someone…

20. And you were like…

21. And he’s like…


23. And all was well, until you got a totally inappropriate crush on your teacher.

24. Terrible idea, by the way.

25. In college, you crush on a sensitive musician.

26. Or a less sensitive one.

27. You’re always developing feelings for your friend’s crushes or exes…

28. So they are all like this every time you mention a boy.

29. As you get older, you keep getting crushes on guys who are way too young for you…

31. Or way too old…

Danny Moloshok, File / AP

33. Then you start accidentally start having feelings about your boss…

34. Or maybe your employee…

36. That’s out, so you turn to someone you “met” on the internet…

37. And every time he responds to one of your messages you’re like…

38. Your ex calls and you’re like…

39. But then he’s all…

40. And you’re like…

41. Man, sometimes being boy crazy is really hard.

42. But it’s OK, a lot of us can relate.

43. Just make sure to follow the three commandments of responsible boy-crazy-dom:

44. 1. Don’t steal anyone’s boyfriend.

45. 2. Be nice to other ladies.

46. 3. Don’t be this girl.

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