35 Easy Ways To Identify A Southern Woman

We’re real sweet, y’all. When we want to be.

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1. Y’all is the only pronoun we need.

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2. We stand by our friends through any and every adventure.

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‘specially when that adventure involves a beach weekend.

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3. We’re not sure how people drink beer without one of these.

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4. Our life’s greatest role model is Tami Taylor.

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5. Everything we needed to know in life we learned from Designing Women.

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6. The prettiest pattern is camo.

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7. Our hair is our most-prized physical asset.

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8. And when it comes to that hair, the goal is always: BIGGER.

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Whatever it takes, as long as your hair is approximately the size of the head underneath it.

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9. Our best friend’s name is Jack (or Jim).

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10. We don’t understand how anyone stays sane without some wild in their lives.

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11. This is a major problem for us during the summer.

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12. Professional sports are OK, but high school football is still the most important sport in the world.

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13. We probably want Dairy Queen right about now (horse or no horse).

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14. This is what one does with peanuts.

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15. We shopped local before it was cool.

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And we’ve been growing our own food for just as long!

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16. The only thing better than a margarita during the summer is one with a beer in it.

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17. We believe that a perfect man exists, and his name starts with a George and ends with a Strait.

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And he will ALWAYS be fine as hell.

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18. Despite what you may think, we know Scarlett’s not a role model… We just want her clothes.

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19. This is how we spend our Saturdays.

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20. We don’t go out in the summertime without a good hat.

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21. This is our dream house.

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22. And our dream vehicle.

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23. Our feet are always dirty but the rest of us is extremely clean.

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24. We’re practical.

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25. We know the secret that the more run-down the outside of a BBQ joint is, the better their food probably is.

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And that you should never order a vegetable plate without mashed potatoes.

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26. We always have excellent advice for other women.

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27. There are two people we always consult when searching for answers.

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OK, maybe three people.

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28. We would like to monogram EVERYTHING.

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29. We will support our local sports teams for the rest of our god-given lives.

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30. We understand that the shoes perfect for any occasion are cowboy boots.

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We do mean EVERY occasion.

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31. If there’s anything foxier than a man in a seersucker suit…

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…then it’s his butt in a pair of Wranglers.

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32. If we’re going out, it better be to a place like this.

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33. We’ll be happy to remind you of some folks you may not have realized are from Tennessee.

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Or Kentucky.

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Or South Carolina.

ID: 1156331

Or Texas.

ID: 1156253

34. Miranda Lambert is our spirit animal.

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35. And lastly, a Southern girl is ALWAYS polite.

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All of which leads us to conclude…

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