Disney’s Guide To Getting It On

In case you want to un-zip-a-dee your doo-dah.

1. So you’re ready to get your groove on.

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2. Just make sure you have the house to yourself.

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3. And that you light some candles.

ID: 1336488

4. It’ll set the tone for when your guest arrives.

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5. If you’re nervous, just ease into everything.

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6. ‘Cause going too fast might catch them off guard.

ID: 1348540

7. You’re not trying to poke an eye out, guys.

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8. But when you’re both ready, go in for the kiss.

ID: 1334777

9. And maybe that’ll lead to a little more.

ID: 1346564

10. And then even more.

Spencer Althouse

Show your lover who’s boss with some knots.

ID: 1334780

11. You can’t be afraid to try new things.

ID: 1333972

12. Toys are a good way to spice things up.

ID: 1333977

13. Just make sure you know where the other stands.

Spencer Althouse
ID: 1334321

14. And that you treat her right.

ID: 1333766

15. When you do, it’ll look like this.

ID: 1347649

16. But once you get tired of foreplay…

(Oh, you’ll get one)

ID: 1334631

17. …Make sure you wrap it up.

It has to be a perfect fit.

ID: 1334659

18. And then just go for it!

ID: 1333930

19. Don’t be afraid to try multiple positions.

ID: 1354748

20. And bonus points if you add more people.

The more the merrier.

ID: 1354757

21. Then you’ll get the happy ending you always wanted.

ID: 1347636

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