Amy Poehler Casts Herself In “Game Of Thrones”

As well as the rest of her Parks and Rec costars.

1. Poehler recently told Time Out New York who she and her costars should play in Game of Thrones.

2. Leslie Knope as Khaleesi and Andy Dwyer as a dragon

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Amy Poehler: I would be Khaleesi [Daenerys Targaryen], of course… Andy would be one of the dragons. [Laughs]

3. Ben Wyatt as John Snow


Amy Poehler: Ben would probably be Jon Snow, because he’s so tormented.

4. Ron Swanson as Stannis Baratheon and Tammy 2 as Melisandre


Amy Poehler: Ron would be Stannis Baratheon.

Time Out New York: And Tammy 2 would be Melisandre.

Amy Poehler: Yes!

5. Tom Haverford as Theon Greyjoy


Amy Poehler: And Tom would be… Uh oh, I hate to break it to Aziz [Ansari], but Tom would be, like, Theon Greyjoy, which is not good right now.

6. Ann Perkins as Sansa Stark


Amy Poehler: Ann would be Sansa.

7. April Ludgate as Arya Stark


Amy Poehler: April would be Arya.


Photoshopped pictures via Tumblr user winebitch.

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