3 Minutes That Show How The Media Failed Women In 2013

From The Representation Project, a movement that aims to “expose injustices created by gender stereotypes.”

1. In general, 2013 was a great year for women in the media.

Time Magazine / Via sinuousmag.com
ID: 2077445

2. There was a record number of female directors nominated for Emmys.

Getty / Dan MacMedan
ID: 2077495

3. PBS appointed its first female anchor team on NewsHour, a show that has been on the air since 1975.

CBS / Via youtube.com
ID: 2077504

4. And ESPN aired the Nine for IX film series.

ESPN / Via teamfenom.com
ID: 2077516

5. But “some things aren’t changing fast enough,” proposes The Representation Project, which strives to “shift people’s consciousness towards change.”

ID: 2077562

6. Because extreme Photoshop is used to promote the Barbie lifestyle.

ID: 2077564

7. And calling a 9-year-old girl — or anyone, for that matter — the C-word is used for humor.

ID: 2077594

8. And a GOP leader called Miss America a prostitute for standing up against bullying.

ID: 2077655

9. And sex appeal is apparently the only way to sell hamburgers.

ID: 2077578

10. Here is the video that asks why things aren’t changing fast enough.

ID: 2077427

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