30 Valentine’s Day Gift Fails

When good intentions go horribly wrong.

1. Novelty Toilet Paper.

You can get your hands on a variety of different prints.

ID: 834353

2. Any clothing that resembles this.

Online sales are coming soon, thank goodness.

ID: 841305

3. Your face molded in chocolate.

FabCafe in Tokyo, Japan offers these custom chocolates using a 2D to 3D scanner.

ID: 844961

4. A Pizza Hut proposal.

ID: 834261

5. Elephant poop flowers.

Elephant dung can be processed into some lovely eco-friendly paper. Get some here!

ID: 846321

6. This surprise.

ID: 827401

7. Naming a cockroach at the Bronx Zoo.

The website states, “Flowers wilt. Candlelight fades. Roaches are forever.”
This limited time offer is sadly expired.

ID: 846654

8. White Castle dinner date.

ID: 827398

9. This cryptic balloon.

ID: 846783

10. Unique plants.

For the low maintenance love in your life. Heart decorations not included.

ID: 841289

11. Making funeral arrangements.

ID: 827381

12. His and hers tongue scrapers.

Only five dollars.

ID: 846625

13. A new pet.

Crabs you can be happy about.

ID: 834209

14. Edible undergarments.

Here are directions for the DIY project.

ID: 834247

15. A new mouse pad or…wait, what?

ID: 846382

16. This fake dog poop is uber romantic.

Order now from Etsy for that animal lover in your life.

ID: 847851

17. Reproductive plush toys.

Why is this under the Valentine’s Day gift section? An educational gift perhaps.

ID: 847491

18. Heart shaped meat products.

You can get them pre-seasoned.

ID: 846698

19. A Hug-E-Gram.

Plus, you can record a personalized message.

ID: 846979

20. This card for the seriously comfortable couple.

Available on Etsy.

ID: 847764

21. Celebrity inspired cards.

ID: 834305

22. Underwear built for two.

Save money on laundry and get your pair here.

ID: 846566

23. A chocolate covered scale.

Even with the funny phrases replacing numbers, it’s still a scale.

ID: 846527

24. A Hooters dinner surprise.

ID: 846769

25. Surprise car decorations.

“I’m loved and being humiliated because of it.”

ID: 847105

He seems pleased.

ID: 847106

26. Anything on this page:

ID: 844986

27. The 2-carat mug…

ID: 846250

28. …or this diamond ring keychain.

She isn’t laughing. This isn’t funny.

ID: 846315

29. The perfect movie for a romantic evening.

ID: 846266

30. Bacon flowers.

Wait…this actually would be fantastic. Go ahead and make some now.

ID: 846408

What’s the worst valentine’s gift you’ve received?

ID: 848414

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