27 Bizarre NOH8 Campaign Pictures

The NoH8 campaign has inspired celebs and non-celebs alike to get creative in their picture taking. Very creative.

1. JWoww taped over a bit more than necessary.

ID: 941413

2. Steve-O Loves on himself.

ID: 941432


ID: 941507

4. Accidental baby make-out session.

ID: 941471

5. That is one huge spoon, Arnold Myint.

ID: 941532

6. This boxing nun had to make an appearance.

ID: 941483

7. Posing with decorative fans.

ID: 941466

8. “I’ll get you for this”- disgruntled puppy.

ID: 941479

9. Kerli loves her post-apocolyptic teddy bear.

ID: 941524

10. Just a man and his booty!

ID: 942961

11. Using flip-flops as a symbolic prop.

ID: 942674

12. This brownie doesn’t tolerate hate!

ID: 942839

13. Power Ranger poses with a Power Ranger.

David Yost played one of the Power Rangers.

ID: 942864

14. Brian Corsetti poses with his favorite power tool.

ID: 945419

15. What did the cowboy do?

Erin Cahill, Vernon Wells, and Jason Faunt are from Power Rangers: Time Force.

ID: 942877

16. This huge paper-mache doll… or is it a piñata?

ID: 942892

17. Stopped for frozen yogurt on the way over and had to work with it.

ID: 942905

18. Paris Hilton inside a mirror…or IS she the mirror? Up to you.

ID: 945371

19. Meanwhile deep in the jungle…

ID: 945336

20. Now it just feels like a strange yearbook photo shoot.

ID: 942957

21. Spicy.

ID: 945404

22. Robert Picardo uses a mini-me to get the point across.

ID: 945472

23. If you want to make a splash, this is how it’s done.

ID: 942971

24. Bowling is a serious game.

ID: 945100

25. Jeni Pulos and her hip pug Janis is a total win.

ID: 945443

26. Mya felt the need to add a few more arms.

ID: 944684

27. ….Not even sure where to begin.

ID: 945105

Check out the campaign and take your own amazingly creative or wonderfully weird portrait when they come to a town near you!

ID: 946385

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