The 29 Most Insane Photos From National Geographic’s Instagram

Photojournalism champ meets Crazy Big World. Results = Off. The. Hook.

1. Whale shark selfie, Maldives. Photo: @thomaspeschak.

ID: 3524545

2. Rock climber @hazel_findlay “deep water soloing”, Musandam Peninsula, Oman. Photo: @jimmy_chin.

ID: 3612400

3. Above the clouds, Rio de Janeiro. Photo: @ladzinski.

ID: 3524550

4. Adventurer @elduder82 jumps between islands of ice across a shallow glacial pool on the Ruth Glacier, Denali National Park, Alaska. Photo: @argonautphoto.

ID: 3524460

5. Diving for back pearls, Fakarava, French Polynesia. Photo: @argonautphoto.

ID: 3524432

6. The power of gravity, Fisher Towers, Utah. Photo: @ladzinski.

ID: 3612376

7. 40-foot backflip into the Atlantic, Biarritz, France. Photo: @pedromcbride.

ID: 3524529

8. Baby orangutans, International Animal Rescue Center, Ketapang, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Photo: @TimLaman.

ID: 3524536

9. Stray dogs receive offerings at the mouth of the Ganges, India. Photo: @pedromcbride.

ID: 3612311

10. Photographer Aaron Huey staring down a 1,000 ft deep wormhole into blue ice on the Ruth Glacier, Alaska. Photo: @argonautphoto.

ID: 3524464

11. Cleaner Shrimp cleaning station, Bali. Photo: @TimLaman.

ID: 3612457

12. Cave explorer Beto Nava discovers a 20,000 year old grizzly bear skull deep in the Aktun-Hu cave system, Mexico. Photo: @paulnicklen.

ID: 3524571

13. Tourists diving with fake moai, Easter Island. Photo: @randyolson.

ID: 3612875

14. A curious manatee is watched by a tourist, Three Sisters Spring, Florida. Photo: @paulnicklen.

ID: 3612350

15. Hawaiian lifeguards employ “The Train.” Lead runner @haakeaulana is carrying a 22kg (50lb) rock and towing three other lifeguards. Photo: @paulnicklen.

ID: 3612411

16. Shark conservationist @JuanSharks grabs a large tiger shark and rolls her on her back. Photo: @paulnicklen.

ID: 3524621

17. Professional climber Rob Pizem high above the canyon floor, San Rafael Swell, Utah. Photo: @ladzinski.

ID: 3524491

18. Climber Sonnie Trotter high above the Sierra. Photo: @coryrichards.

ID: 3524632

19. Climber @deanpotter aka the “Dark Wizard” on a climb called Heaven. Photo: @jimmy_chin.

ID: 3612337

20. A Bajo elder who lost his arm to illegal bombfishing, Sampela, Indonesia. Photo: @coryrichards.

ID: 3524582

21. A mother and child, Omo Valley, Ethiopia. Photo: @randyolson.

ID: 3612460

22. Georgians lift and toss a 135kg (300lb) boulder over their heads, Svanetia, Georgian Republic. Photo: @argonautphoto.

ID: 3612387

23. Pro skateboarder @jono_schwan at sunset under a sky of ash during a state of emergency from summer fires, El Paso County, Colorado. Photo: @ladzinski.

ID: 3524504

24. Dr. Mitch Taylor tags a large male polar bear in a summer den, Arctic, 1994. Photo: @paulnicklen.

ID: 3524482

25. Baby captive bred pandas sit on a blanket at a panda breeding center, Ya’an, China. Photo: @amivitale.

ID: 3524604

26. Pilgrims prostration prayer, Tea Horse Road to Lhasa. Photo: @yamashitaphoto.

ID: 3612914

27. BASE jumpers taking the leap. Photo: @jimmy_chin.

ID: 3612903

28. One handed cartwheel, Yellowstone Lake, USA. Photo: @ladzinski.

ID: 3612949

29. Just hanging out and Instagramming from the top of the world’s tallest building, Dubai.

ID: 3612889

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