27 Angry Reactions To Australia’s Shark Cull

Thousands have rallied against Western Australia’s catch-and-kill policy.

Western Australians are angry.

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Their government has begun culling sharks.

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Shark supporters rallied today at Cottesloe Beach.

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And at #noWAsharkcull events across Australia.

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WA Premier Colin Barnett is pushing ahead with the controversial cull despite overwhelming opposition.

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1. People are angry that the cull has begun despite marine biologists saying there is no scientific evidence it will reduce attacks.

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2. Mr Barnett appears to have few fans.

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3. Some would like to see the Premier removed from his natural environment.

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4. Surfers are against the cull.

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5. Dogs are against the cull.

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6. Basically everyone who spends time in the ocean is opposed to the slaughter.

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7. Worried about sharks ancient lineage being threatened.

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8. Because this is the most dangerous creature in the sea.

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9. And sharks need to be given the respect they deserve.

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10. There was a big #noWAsharkcull crowd in Melbourne.

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11. (Melbournites love sharks)

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12. Big crowds at Sydney’s Manly Beach.

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13. And at The Entrance on the NSW Central Coast.

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14. The Gold Coast sent an SOS.

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15. Sydneysiders had fun with their protest signs.

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16. Everyone was united in their desire to Save Our Sharks.

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17. Including Finding Nemo’s Bruce.

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18. People of all ages demonstrated.

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19. And everywhere the sentiment was the same…

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20. People need to get their priorities right.

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21. Politicians should leave sharks alone.

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22. And the only thing to fear is fear itself.

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23. Marine biodiversity = important.

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24. Are sharks really are the biggest danger threatening Australians?

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25. Should coconuts be banned?

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26. What about water!?

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27. The People Have Spoken!

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Will WA’s government listen? Sharks have rights too after all.

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Simon Crerar is founding editor of BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.
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