What Happens To Parody Twitter Accounts Once The News Story Is Over?

What will the future of @UKIPWeather be? Well, here’s how other parody accounts have coped after the news has moved on.

1. You might be familiar with @UKIPWeather, a parody Twitter that went viral after a UKIP councillor was suspended for blaming bad weather on gay marriage.

Twitter: @UkipWeather and Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

The account has gathered more than 108,000 followers in just a few days.

4. But when the news moves on do the parody accounts stop tweeting? Not always. Remember Godfrey Bloom’s “Bongo Bongo Land” comments last summer?

Christopher Furlong / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @martinbagot

And @BongoGov was created. It was popular for a short while.

7. But it’s still going. It tweeted just a few days ago.

And it shows no signs of slowing down.

8. Many twitter parodies barely start. They tweet for a few hours, then give up when no-one really follows or there’s no material.

These were all set up when a seagull lasted on the roof of the conclave where the new Pope was being elected. They didn’t last long.

9. But there are exceptions. Remember @EssexLion, which started tweeting after reports that a Lion had been spotted in Essex? The event happened in August 2012.

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

The account managed to get more than 17,000 followers in only a few days.

13. Some accounts last even longer than that. Remember @CatBinLady? The parody account started in 2010 after Mary Bale put a cat in a bin.

Rui Vieira/PA Archive/Press Association Images

14. The account stopped tweeting, but only 2 months ago. Its last tweets just look incredibly stale and tired.

15. A lot of Twitter parodies are like this. They just fade away. The exception are ones like @IAmRoyalBaby.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

The account started Kate announced her pregnancy and has amassed more than 5000 followers.

18. Then there are parody accounts like @PippaTips, which manages to keep going because essentially it is the same joke over and over again.

Neil Mockford / Getty Images

22. But then again the parody account can still keep going with jokes that aren’t very good. Remember the 2012 Republican Convention, when Clint Eastwood spoke to an chair pretending that it was Obama?

Mark Wilson / Getty Images and Twitter: @InvisibleObama

Well, @InvisibleObama started tweeting. The account received more than 50,000 followers within only a few hours.

23. He’s still tweeting jokes about chairs. STILL.


So there might be a long future for @UKIPWeather yet.

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