"I Wanna Marry Harry" Is A Reality Show Starring The Worst Prince Harry Lookalike In History

This opinion comes from a British person who knows what Prince Harry looks like.

So there’s this new show on FOX in the U.S.

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Twelve Americans fly to England and find out that they are all competing to become a new love interest for Prince Harry. The problem? Well obviously he isn’t Prince Harry.

His name is Matthew Hicks, he is an environmental consultant and he is pretending to act a bit like Prince Harry in the hope of finding true love or something.

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This is what Matthew aka “Prince Harry” looks like.

FOX / Zigzag Productions
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1. Problem? Well he doesn’t look like Prince Harry.


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2. Maybe from a different angle? Let’s try this.

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Not really.

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3. But according to the TV show, he is a 99% match.

FOX / Zigzag Productions

FOX / Zigzag Productions

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4. LOL, no.

FOX / Zigzag Productions

Gareth Cattermole / Staff

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5. No, not seeing it here.

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6. They then give him a royal makeover in a bid to fool the contestants into thinking he really, definitely is Prince Harry.

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7. The result? You still don’t look like Prince Harry.

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8. It’s even weirder that, throughout the show, they feel the need to make it explicit that he is not Prince Harry.

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Thanks for clarifying this.

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9. Plus, producers of the show introduce “secret agents” to make it seem that this sort of guy requires protection.

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10. They make “Prince Harry” knowledgeable in famously posh activities such as shooting and using a knife and fork.

FOX / Zigzag Productions

FOX / Zigzag Productions

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11. He even has the power to start fireworks by clapping.

FOX / Zigzag Productions

FOX / Zigzag Productions

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12. “Prince Harry” meets the contestants by helicopter.

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13. But then one contestant admits.

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14. Oh dear.

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Scott Bryan is the UK entertainment editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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