23 Signs You Still Haven’t Moved On From The London Olympics

IT WAS A YEAR AGO GUYS. And we’re still all not coping that well.

1. You watched the Opening Ceremony last weekend…

2. You were like.

3. You still think about Danny Boyle every day.

4. If not Kenneth Branagh / Isambard Kingdom Brunel…

… on that hill.

5. You’ve listened to this a million times.

6. You know all the dance moves off by heart.

7. That Pandemonium sequence changed your life! For one thing, you’ve decided to be a Pearly King or Queen.

8. Or a Chelsea pensioner.


9. Or an army comprised of The Beatles.

10. Then Caliban’s Dream comes on iTunes…

11. … and you’re like.

13. You’ve even recreated the Opening Ceremony in your back garden.

Like Adam Mills (@AdamMillsUK) did last Saturday…

The Olympic flame

Glastonbury Tor

“The Olympic Flag has entered the stadium” (aka. garden)

14. You will NEVER unfollow @London2012 (even though they barely tweet these days). NOT EVER.

15. You also kinda miss London 2012’s spammy DAILY email.

16. You still wear your Games Maker kit.

17. You wear it with pride.

18. In fact, you get really really really into wearing it.

You’re awesome.

19. If you were a ceremonies performer, you’re still wearing your costume in public.

20. … and you spend your weekends performing to the public.

… like these guys did at the Open East Festival last weekend.

21. You also think that Tower Bridge looks a bit naked without this on.

22. You’ve desperately tried to visit the Olympic Park, only to find that a lot of it now looks like this.

23. And when you learn that a lot of the park won’t be open again until early next year…

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