How To Cheer Up After The Election

You wanted Romney to win, but he didn’t. The Internet is here to make it feel better.

This guy won.

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But don’t worry, this is still America.

ID: 683742

A free country that you can still call home.

ID: 683750

You can still go hunting.

ID: 682996

Trump’s sons!

ID: 683661

And you can still buy guns, because we have the right to bear arms.

ID: 683684

You can still drive the cars you love! Like this Mustang.

ID: 683766

And wear this hat that shows just how good our military has always been.

ID: 682968

Well here’s a happy photo of Tom Selleck, a true supporter.

ID: 683249

A young and handsome Jon Voight, who you can still count on!


ID: 683221

Just remember the amazing presidents who came before us, like Lincoln.

ID: 683843

And don’t forget there are five more Romneys to look forward to as well!!

ID: 683502

Finally, to make sure you are all cheered up, here is Ronald Reagan on a Velicoraptor.

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