24 Reasons Little Kids And Stoners Are Basically The Same

Back when grass was just something you played on, you still acted like a total pothead.

1. They both can watch cartoons for hours. And hours. And hours.

Via Nickelodeon
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2. Until 9 p.m., when they pass out cold.

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3. Lunchables are a vital part of their food pyramid.

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4. Because making a real meal is too damn hard.

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5. They’re constantly dealing with basic fractions.

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6. And they have that one friend they always hit up because he has allllllll the goods.

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7. They chill in their pajamas for the majority of the day.

Though their PJs might not be this awesome.

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8. So when it’s finally time to put on real clothes, it’s tough to get it together.

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9. They’re always down to post up in a circle with their friends.

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10. Which, over time, has taught them the importance of sharing.

Passing to the right. Rookie mistake.

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11. They fucking giggle at everything.

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12. And it’s really easy to blow their minds.


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13. As long as a party has pizza or cake, it’s a good party in their book.

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14. A really, really good party.

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15. They have absolutely no capacity to hold an adult conversation.

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16. No matter how great they think they are, they suck at driving.

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17. 3-D movies are their shit.

“Have you seen Happy Feet? You gotta, man. It’s the Citizen Kane of our generation.”

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18. They have a very low tolerance for people being un-chill.

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19. They think they’re rockstars every time they pick up an instrument.

If only.

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20. And they think everything they doodle is a masterpiece, man.

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21. Asking them to pay attention in class is worthless.

Via Nickelodeon
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22. ‘Cause their attention spans are pretty awful in general.

ID: 1278890

23. Which could be due to their constant gaming…

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24. Good thing you’ve grown up since then, right?

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