24 Reasons Little Kids And Stoners Are Basically The Same

Back when grass was just something you played on, you still acted like a total pothead.

1. They both can watch cartoons for hours. And hours. And hours.

Via Nickelodeon

2. Until 9 p.m., when they pass out cold.

3. Lunchables are a vital part of their food pyramid.

4. Because making a real meal is too damn hard.

5. They’re constantly dealing with basic fractions.

6. And they have that one friend they always hit up because he has allllllll the goods.

7. They chill in their pajamas for the majority of the day.

Though their PJs might not be this awesome.

8. So when it’s finally time to put on real clothes, it’s tough to get it together.

9. They’re always down to post up in a circle with their friends.

10. Which, over time, has taught them the importance of sharing.

Passing to the right. Rookie mistake.

11. They fucking giggle at everything.

12. And it’s really easy to blow their minds.


13. As long as a party has pizza or cake, it’s a good party in their book.

14. A really, really good party.

15. They have absolutely no capacity to hold an adult conversation.

16. No matter how great they think they are, they suck at driving.

17. 3-D movies are their shit.

“Have you seen Happy Feet? You gotta, man. It’s the Citizen Kane of our generation.”

18. They have a very low tolerance for people being un-chill.

19. They think they’re rockstars every time they pick up an instrument.

If only.

20. And they think everything they doodle is a masterpiece, man.

21. Asking them to pay attention in class is worthless.

Via Nickelodeon

22. ‘Cause their attention spans are pretty awful in general.

23. Which could be due to their constant gaming…

24. Good thing you’ve grown up since then, right?

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