18 Signs Your School Was SUPER Progressive

Because some of us went to new-age-feel-gooderies, and some of us still don’t know if we took algebra or not.

1. You never received grades.

“I know you got a crocodile in spelling but this has gone too far.”

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2. Glass Blowing and Basket Weaving were perfectly suitable art electives.

As long as you’re expressing yourself.

ID: 1767052

3. You didn’t have a football team, but you had one KICK ASS lit mag.

ID: 1767159

4. Athletic credits were optional and/or nonexistent.

Competition ONLY fosters hate.

ID: 1767201

5. You have no idea how to dress professionally.

UNLIKE this baby business man.

ID: 1770401

6. Gym class regularly included yoga and meditation.

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ID: 1767273

7. You know all of your teachers by their first name.

“I’m not a REGULAR teacher.”

ID: 1767024

8. Your parents did NOT allow drinking, but weed was fine.

ID: 1767390

9. You’ve never met a republican.

I’m sorry, there are 2 political parties?

ID: 1770527

10. You’ve been to your teacher’s house 4-12 times.

ID: 1771019

11. The vending machines were stocked with kale chips and soy nuts.

ID: 1771555

12. You’ve been drawing nude models since middle school.


ID: 1771058

13. Your 5th grade production of RENT was A SMASH.

“Nobody sells any coke in this pen without daddy getting a taste.”

ID: 1771156

14. History classes typically revolved around Spielberg films.

“Your notebooks SHOULD be open and you SHOULD be taking notes.”

ID: 1771384

15. Sex Ed came 12 years before sex did.

ID: 1771268

16. All school assemblies were fucking chaos.


ID: 1771737

17. The cool kids were ALL in the acapella group way before Glee was popular.

ID: 1771795

18. You can’t locate most state capitals but you’re 100% sure what your spirit animal is.

ID: 1772794

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