12 Reasons Sitting Behind Newlyweds On A Flight Is The Worst

Dear lovebirds, please fly far far away from me.

1. Hearing them ask the flight attendant if they have champagne

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2. Seeing them kiss through the gap in the headrests

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3. Overhearing their sweet whispers

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4. Giggling

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5. Watching them take selfies together

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6. Seeing them feed each other airplane food

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7. Watching them gaze out the window together

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8. Overhearing her say “That’s my hubby!” everytime he does something remotely active

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9. Reclining both their chairs at the same time, scaring the crap out of the people behind them

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10. Disturbing the rest of the plane and your stomach while play fighting with eachother

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11. Clapping and kissing when the plane lands

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12. And lastly, for making you feel like this

happyholidayhungergames / Via Giphy

Damn you and your love.

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