29 Unwritten Rules Of Instagram That Everyone Should Follow

Whatever you do, DON’T choose Toaster.

1. #TBT photos should be as awkward as humanly possible. Braces and bad outfits always do the trick.

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2. We don’t need to see everyday moments in your life. Exotic beach with cocktail in your hand? Now that’s worthy of an upload.

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3. If you think you look like a tool, then you probably do.

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4. But it’s OK to brag every now and then. Remember, you want to be sharing how * glam * your life is!

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5. Don’t try to be too artsy. You’re not Annie Leibovitz. YOU’RE BETTER THAN THIS, BEYONCE.

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6. If you’ve got it, don’t be afraid to flaunt it. Modesty is not cool on Instagram.

ID: 2896054

Seriously, no one is complaining. SKIN IS IN.

ID: 2896820

7. Selfies with your friends? Always en vogue, as long as you’re glammed up.

ID: 2896058

8. The inspirational quotes can stop now. You’re not Maya FRICKIN’ Angelou.

ID: 2896521

9. That photo you upload when you’re drunk? Ya, you’re probably going to regret it later.

ID: 2896064

10. #FoodPorn? NOPE. If Jesus didn’t Instagram the Last Supper, you shouldn’t be sharing your cup of fro-yo with the world.

ID: 2896855

11. Those pensive shots of you staring out into the distance? You may think they look deep, but really they’re just basic.

ID: 2896074

12. Instead, upload a self-deprecating photo. After all, if you can’t laugh at yourself, who else can you laugh at, really?

ID: 2896086

13. Unless you got a majestic manicure like Miley, we don’t need to see your fingernails.

ID: 2896100

14. PDA ain’t cute IRL, and it certainly isn’t on Instagram. You should swap saliva in the privacy of your own home.

ID: 2895871

15. Keep the goofy pictures coming. Everyone loves those.

ID: 2896253

16. #StopUsingRidiculousHashtags

ID: 2897035

17. A pet picture every now and then is fine. HOWEVER we do not need a daily photo essay of your dog’s life.

ID: 2896294

18. The same thing goes for your kids. It’s fine if they’re cute as a button…

ID: 2896776

19. But you don’t need to chronicle their each and every move.

ID: 2896528

20. It’s 2014, people. You need to step up your selfie game. Lady Gaga did.

ID: 2896384

21. No more memes. You should be showing off your bod or sweet vacay pics!

ID: 2896421

22. Stop acting like a model. Well, unless you’re like Heidi Klum and you actually ARE a model.

ID: 2896545

23. Basically, just end all screenshots. Kill them. They’re dead.

ID: 2896596

24. Congrats, you got a haircut. You’re not the first, and you won’t be the last.

ID: 2896865

25. Don’t be afraid to take down a photo if it doesn’t get enough likes. We’ve all been there.

ID: 2896611

26. Stop trying to make Picstitch happen. It’s not going to happen.

ID: 2896906

27. The weird sexual stuff? Terrifying, not titilating. If you wouldn’t want your mom (or your kids) to see it, it shouldn’t be on Instagram!

ID: 2896638

28. #NoFilter? More like #NoThanks.

ID: 2896646

29. And last but not least, as Niall from One Direction demonstrates, 99 times out of 100 you can pass on using “Toaster.”

ID: 2896844

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