Here Is Your Daily Dose Of Cute British Guys In Suits Singing Shakira

Their hips DEFINITELY don’t lie. And they’re doing it for charity!

1. This is Oxford University. For centuries, it has been the epitome of scholarship and higher education, not just for the British, but students from around the world.

Oli Scarff / Getty Images

Oli Scarff / Getty Images


2. And THIS is Out of the Blue, the school’s all-male a capella group. Say hi!

3. They’re all triple threats, because they sing, dance, and look great while doing it.

4. For their latest project, the group performed an INCREDIBLE medley of Shakira’s hits “Hips Don’t Lie,” “Waka Waka,” and “Whenever, Wherever.”

5. It has everything from British guys in suits…

6. …to sassy choreography…

7. …and WHATEVER this is.

9. Be sure to check out the full video in all its glory…

10. …and you can download the track here. All proceeds go to the Helen and Douglas House, the world’s first children’s hospice!

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