28 Problems Every Runner Will Understand

Because you were BORN to run.

1. Missing a run? OUT OF THE QUESTION.

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2. Like, you would rather squeeze in a 20-minute run than miss out on a day’s workout.

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3. Of course, your friends and family might think you’re obsessive and have an addiction. BUT YOU JUST LIKE TO GO FAST.

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4. Waking up early to run can suck, but SOMEONE has to do it, right?

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5. Blisters are actually the worst. GOD. DAMN. BLISTERS.

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6. Sometimes when you can’t run outside you have to settle for a treadmill.

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7. The worst is when EVERY treadmill is occupied at the gym. GO AWAY PEOPLE.

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8. If someone is in front of you and won’t get out of the way, you pretty much want to run them over.

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9. But even worse is when someone is coming in YOUR direction, and they won’t step aside. UGH.

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10. Running in the snow? Not fun, but you have to do it because you are a fucking CHAMP.

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11. Same goes for running in the rain. You’d run in a fucking hurricane if you had to.

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12. But the worst, the absolute worst, is running in the heat. #SoakedInSweat

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13. It may take you a while to figure out a new running route, but when you have one down, it’s fitness GOLD.

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14. And it’s been a struggle, but you’ve learned the art of crafting the perfect running playlist.

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15. You ALWAYS have to have the best pair of running shoes.

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16. Actually, you probably HAVE to have several pairs.

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17. So when they wear out, it is a sad, sad day in your life. Parting with them is THE WORST. Like, you may save them even if you don’t wear them anymore.

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18. But that means you get to go out and get a new pair! WIN.

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19. Also, you HAVE to stick to the same brand. You might be a Nike kid, or you’re into Asics. CHOOSE CAREFULLY.


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20. Sweat. SO. MUCH. SWEAT.

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21. Closely followed by cramps. Cramps are basically like being possessed by the runner devil.

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22. Also, you know you’re going to have some weird aches and pains, but you’re going to run through them anyway. CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP.

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23. And say good-bye to having nice toenails and feet. #Pedicures4Days

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24. You know you are going to get a weird runner’s tan. But you’ve got a hot body already, so it’s WORTH IT.

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26. Also, are you supposed to wave at other runners? Smile? Who knows.

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27. Races — marathons, half marathons, 5Ks — are a total clusterfuck, but you sign up for them anyway.

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28. And when you get back from a run, all you want to do is stuff your face with as much food as possible.

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Why do you suffer through all of this?

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