24 Cats Who Are Celebrating Shark Week

It’s a bad week to be a seal, but a great week to be a cat who loves sharks.

1. This feline who just woke up from a catnap in his shark bed.

ID: 1464808

2. This cat in the (shark) hat.

ID: 1464815

3. This kitty who made a new shark friend.

ID: 1464819

4. Mr. Grumpygills.

ID: 1464824

5. The cat who is too curious for his own good.

ID: 1464826

6. This cat who has a fin instead of fur.

ID: 1464836

7. This cat who is also riding a Roomba.

ID: 1464847

8. This cat with the fin-tastic costume.

ID: 1464853

9. This “pool shark.”

ID: 1464855

10. This cat who is a human being eaten by a shark.

ID: 1464859

11. This cat who is already over Shark Week.

ID: 1464860

12. This ginger cat with the flamboyant shark costume.

ID: 1464861

13. Katy Perry’s cat, Kitty Purry.

ID: 1464961

14. Giganto-Cat with Mini-Shark.

ID: 1464864

15. This cat who is having NONE of this shark.

ID: 1464868

16. This shark-cat channeling his inner Zoolander.

ID: 1464930

17. This cat who is NOT getting off this shark.

ID: 1464871

18. This cat who is smizing in his shark outfit.

ID: 1464917

19. This cat who picked the wrong place to nap.

ID: 1464877

20. This little kitty who struts like a shark.

ID: 1464971

21. These two cats who are exhausted from Shark Week.

ID: 1464905

22. This feline who looks FIERCE in his shark costume.

ID: 1464912

23. Pensive shark-cat.

ID: 1464924

24. These model shark-cats.

ID: 1464979

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