23 Signs You Are The Ron Weasley Of Your Friend Group

BLOODY HELL, you don’t need to drive a flying car to be the Ron of your friend group. It just takes some bravery, loyalty, and a lot of awkwardness.

1. Your family name precedes you…

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2. Because your family is the BEST.

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3. You have a huge appetite.

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4. Like, you’re always hungry.

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5. And your friends are asking why you’re ALWAYS eating.

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6. You aren’t a smooth talker with the opposite sex.

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7. But in the end you make it work.

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8. You’re not the best in school.

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9. You may not be the most athletic…

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10. But you come up big when it counts.

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11. You’re really good at creating awkward situations.

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12. You don’t have the best sense of fashion.

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13. And your dance moves may need some work.

ID: 1763853

14. You have a hard time hiding your emotions.

ID: 1763870

15. Sometimes you don’t know WHAT is going on.

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16. You have the best catchphrases.

ID: 1763893

17. You know a friend in need is a friend indeed.

ID: 1763926

18. Sometimes you don’t understand the gravity of a situation.

ID: 1763937

19. You aren’t afraid of a bit of PDA.

ID: 1763134

20. You have a habit of stating the obvious.

ID: 1763975

21. You really, really love your pets.

ID: 1764030

22. You’ve got guts, even if you don’t always show it.

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23. Basically you’re the most loyal, brave, underrated best friend ever!

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