The 26 Mightiest Examples Of People Falling Over

The sight of people going arse over tit is a delight that has echoed through the ages. Let’s celebrate it.


Humour is a highly personal, deeply subjective matter. What we find funny hinges on a complex equation of personality, experience, and mood.

Except when it comes to seeing someone fall over. Everyone, from every time and place in human history, enjoys that.

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No doubt cavemen grunted with laughter when one of them tripped on a diplodocus egg, Ancient Romans sniggered when someone went over on their tunic, and the Tudors were guffawing whenever anyone skidded on a rotten apple.

Playwrights and cinema stars — like Mr. Chaplin, above — have always understood that slapstick is the surest way to unite a crowd.

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The Germans call it ‘schadenfreude’. Psychologists call it the ‘social comparison theory’. But what it boils down to is this: when other people have the misfortune of eating pavement, you feel better about yourself and better about the world around you. Here are some of the best things about it.

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4. It can happen at any time. Like when you’re playing as a child.

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5. Or at school, after your first beer.

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6. When you’re taking part in sports.

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7. Running down a hill in front of thousands of people.

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8. Or just when you’re mildy distracted by a giant panda on the street.

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9. It’s also one of life’s great levelers.

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10. It happens to beautiful people.

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11. People showing off on TV.

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12. Minor pop stars.

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13. And major ones.

Like Justin here.

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14. Oscar-winning actresses.

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15. Communist revolutionaries.

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16. Hell — even Santa Claus goes arse over tit sometimes.

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17. The Stumble Gods will reek revenge on pranksters.

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18. Annoying drunks.

(We’re pretty sure this guy survived.)

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19. Show-offs.

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20. Or just anyone with a spring in their step after having a good day.

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21. Basically, taking an unexpected trip unites us all. Even animals.

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Or animals dressed as other animals.

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23. So let’s embrace the undeniable beauty of the face plant.

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24. As a celebration of the fundamental ludicrousness of human life.

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25. Just remember, when it happens to you (and it will), walk it off with a smile.

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26. And don’t forget to send us a postcard on your way down.

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