19 Signs You Were A Playstation 1 Addict

The unmistakable highs of gaming in the ’90s.

1. When you first got into playing Playstation in the mid ’90s, your bedroom was suddenly littered with these.

ID: 1104479

2. These two suddenly seemed childish.

ID: 1104410

Whereas a bandicoot made perfect sense (once you looked up what one was).

ID: 1104470

3. Maybe you were even cool enough to own one of these.

ID: 1104500

4. Or one of these.

ID: 1104505

5. But really, life was all about the games. Like crying when this happened in Final Fantasy VII.

ID: 1104366

6. And jumping out of your skin every time this happened in Resident Evil.

ID: 1104369

7. You always locked Lara Croft’s butler in the fridge in Tomb Raider II.

ID: 1104377

(Like this).

ID: 1104378

8. And you killed Solid Snake more times than you care to remember in Metal Gear Solid.


ID: 1104397

9. You hated ‘button bashers’ who picked Eddy in Tekken 3.

ID: 1104512

And don’t even mention that backflipping bastard Marshall Law.

ID: 1104530

10. You learned to rap with Chop Chop Master Onion in Parappa The Rapper.

ID: 1104532

11. You have the blood of a thousand hare krishnas on your hands thanks to Grand Theft Auto.

ID: 1104533

12. Weirdly, you really cared about rescuing the Mudokons in Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee.

ID: 1104543

13. And felt oddly at peace with the universe when flying Spyro The Dragon.

ID: 1104556

14. You spent hours ogling cars you couldn’t afford on Gran Turismo.

ID: 1104535

15. And even to this day, you try and remember to honour the code of Bushido.

ID: 1104566

16. You saw all the rude bits in Duke Nukem.

ID: 1104575

17. You led England to glory in ISS Pro Evolution (with a little help from Robbie Fooler and Paul Gascone).

ID: 1104583

18. You tranced out to The Chemical Brothers playing Wipeout (even if you didn’t know who they were).

ID: 1104597

19. But above all, when you heard this sound, all felt right with the world.

ID: 1104383

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