37 Things @Jack May Or May Not Agree With

The Twitter co-founder and Square CEO hasn’t tweeted in almost a month, but that hasn’t stopped him from faving. What does it all mean?

Note: These are all tweets that Jack has faved in the past month

1. Dylan Farrow

2. Not Facebook’s Paper

3. Fashion

4. Tech Jokes

JSON? More like JDAD

— kyleve (@Kyle Van Essen)

Huh. Our virgin America pilot is wearing google glass. Shld I be excited abt the march of technology here or shld I exit immediately?

— mmccue (@Mike McCue)

Never bring a retweet to a hashtag fight.

— VerifiedDrunk (@Verifried Drunk™®©)

@loremipsum I would like to subscribe to your blog

— rsa (@Robert Andersen)

5. Jokes that involve tech + history

I'm like moses all I need is my flip flops and a cellphone

— diplo (@above & beyonce)

6. History

Johnny Cash leaning on a train. Photo by Michael Rougier.

— HistoricalPics (@Historical Pics)

Russian soldier playing an abandoned piano, Chechnya, c. 1994

— HistoricalPics (@Historical Pics)

Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali, 1973

— HistoricalPics (@Historical Pics)

On this day in 1982, "Late Night With David Letterman" debuts on NBC-TV with his first guest being Bill Murray

— HistoricalPics (@Historical Pics)

@katies this view looks familiar! @HistoryInPics: Audrey Hepburn in Paris

— sippey (@Michael Sippey)

7. Daft Punk history

Evolution of the Daft Punk Helmets

— HistoryInPics (@History In Pictures)

8. Hating Mondays

Slightly annoyed tomorrow is Monday. A very common theme on Sunday nights. Bring it on :)

— scooterbraun (@Scooter Braun)

Sums up Monday nicely

— CamilleGeddes (@Camille Geddes)

9. Password security


— 1Password (@1Password)

10. Gandhi’s letters

#Gandhi's Letter to #Hitler.

— calestous (@Calestous Juma)

11. Work humor

When you get your work husband confused with your real husband. Whoopsie.

— janamal (@Jana Messerschmidt)

12. Young bank robbers of the 1800s


— drew (@drew olanoff)

13. This “No Diggity” cover

"No Diggity" by @UsTheDuo

— vineapp (@Vine)

14. Hating Email

Lifehack: Ignore email. Utterly.

— fugueish (@Chris Palmer)

15. Secret app (sorry Whisper)

A secret no more.

— davidbyttow (@David Byttow)

16. Equal pay for women

Retweet if you agree: Women deserve equal pay for equal work. #StandWithWomen #OpportunityForAll

— BarackObama (@Barack Obama)

17. Chrissy Teigen’s eating habits

missed you, baby. @tacobell

— chrissyteigen (@christine teigen)

18. Chrissy Teigen’s boredom level

i am just unbelievably bored on this flight. i need someone to lose their shit.

— chrissyteigen (@christine teigen)

19. Chrissy Teigen’s creative process

I have never thought of a supposedly awesome idea for a tattoo that I didn't completely think was insane 90 minutes later

— chrissyteigen (@christine teigen)

20. Being in the 1%

If you have at least $34,000 you are among the world’s richest 1% of people.

— UberFacts (@UberFacts)

21. Making the best of things

@jack has not tweeted for three weeks. The end is neigh!!!11

— Zlatty (@Z Unger)

22. Clean water

Inside City’s Water Tanks, Layers of Neglect

— nytimes (@The New York Times)

23. My tweet wondering if he has inside information on a new Rocky movie being made

Weird, @jack recently followed Mr T, Sylvester Stallone, ESPN and NASA, is Rocky going to fight Clubber Lang on Mars?

— samir (@samir mezrahi)

24. Old San Francisco (Or maybe busses? JACK LOVES THE BUS)

South of Market, 1949

— OldSanFrancisco (@Old San Francisco)

25. This weird adaptation of 2 Girls 1 Cup

Bald Eagle 1 fish 1.20.2014

— Tim535353 (@Tim Dorsey)

27. Drug trips

I just heard Gnarls Barkley playing in the grocery store and had an acid flashback to 2006.

— ErinGaetz (@Erin Gaetz)

28. His own community service (kind of a weird to be cleaning the streets with cooking tongs?)

Just ran into @jack doing his part to clean up the streets.

— adam_messinger (@Adam Messinger)

29. Someone finding his face on the ground

What do u do when your walkin down the street in NYC & your friends face is on the floor?U tweet about it lol @jack

— JBreezy220 (@Jesse O)

30. Interns (did she get the job?)

Hey @jack, just applied for an internship at @twitter. It's only appropriate for me to tweet about it, obviously.

— ericuhlee (@Erica Lee)

31. Missing Flickr (cc: Marissa Meyer)

I miss a world where @Flickr was in my life.

— AndrewCrow (@Andrew Crow)

32. Cheap Bison labor

Snow plows are a little different @YellowstoneNPS. #bison #nature

— Interior (@US Dept of Interior)

33. Being old fashioned

Call me old fashioned but I love a little whiskey, bitters, sugar, and some orange slices.

— sacca (@Chris Sacca)

35. Sunsets (what happened to sunrises?)

can't beat this backdrop from a twitter HQ window. #lovesf #go49ers

— pandemona (@Sara Haider)

36. Twitter being the best fan-to-entertainer exchange Bill Cosby has ever had

Twitter is the best fan-to-entertainer exchange I've ever had. RT @mhmilliken Kooky thoughts & tweets keep Cosby busy

— BillCosby (@Bill Cosby)

37. The end being near (OMG?!)

@jack has not tweeted for three weeks. The end is neigh!!!11

— Zlatty (@Z Unger)

A huge h/t to @EliLanger for realizing Jack hasn’t tweeted in a while.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has not tweeted in four weeks. @Jack has favorited 131 tweets in that time, so what gives?

— EliLanger (@Eli Langer)

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